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Welcome to AlectraNEWS, our social news network. Alectra Utilities website is


How you can keep the holidays joyful and bright

There a few things you can count on every holiday season: ugly sweaters, festive drinks an (...)

The villain known as ‘phantom power’

Alectra Utilities wants you to know there is a villain invading homes across Canada, not j (...)

Alectra expands trial electricity pricing program

Barrie, ON – Announced today at an event held with the Minister of Energy Glenn Thibault (...)

Welcome to the AlectraNEWS blog; it’s nice to meet you!

Alectra has a new story for the future based on our strong legacy from the past. From our (...)

Outdoor timers: Keep your home safe while on summer vacation

Summer is the time for outdoor adventures. Whether you are away on vacation, day-tripping, (...)

Lower electricity prices for Alectra Utilities customers effective July 1

MISSISSAUGA, ON, July 4, 2017 – Alectra Utilities is pleased to inform customers tha (...)

Comfortable savings: Why weather-stripping makes good cents

Fall and winter are just around the corner, and during the colder months there aren’t ma (...)

New Brampton health facility’s energy-efficient design pays off

William Osler Health System facility delivers energy savings equal to taking 367 homes off (...)

Royal’s conservation efforts removes equivalent of nearly 400 homes off the grid

Vaughan PVC pipe manufacturer receives cheque for $172,475 for energy retrofits VAUGHAN, O (...)

Ceiling fans: Sleep comfortably and save on energy costs

Keeping your home cool and comfortable in the summertime can be a real challenge. Running (...)

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