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Welcome to AlectraNEWS, our social news network. Alectra Utilities website is


Alectra Utilities - Hurricane Jose readiness efforts

Alectra crews now heading for Long Island as part of Hurricane Jose readiness efforts

Hydro crews travelling from Georgia; pre-positioning in New York HAMILTON, ON, September 1 (...)

Alectra Utilities Line Staff

Alectra crews travelling to Georgia to assist with power restoration

HAMILTON, ON, September 13, 2017 – Alectra Utilities, the newly-formed electric utility (...)

Welcome to the AlectraNEWS blog; it’s nice to meet you!

Alectra has a new story for the future based on our strong legacy from the past. From our (...)

‘Sign of the times’ as Brampton Hydro rebrands

Alectra Utilities working to be an ally to Brampton electricity customers BRAMPTON, ON, Ma (...)

Alectra study identifies residential solar storage potential

Report shows value of ‘POWER.HOUSE’ expansion to customers and the grid  HAMILTON, ON (...)

Alectra Utilities’ crews in Rochester assisting in power restoration

HAMILTON, ON, March 13, 2017 – Alectra Utilities sent trucks and a staff complement of (...)

Alectra Inc. acquires Brampton Hydro

MISSISSAUGA, ON, February 28, 2017 – Alectra Inc. has completed the acquisition of Bramp (...)

Alectra Utilities advises customers to be prepared for potential ice storm

MISSISSAUGA, ON, February 6, 2017 – A special weather statement was recently issued for (...)

Enersource, Horizon Utilities, PowerStream officially become Alectra Inc.

MISSISSAUGA, ON, January 31, 2017 – Three leading Ontario electrical utilities have merg (...)

‘Alectra’ unveiled as new electric utility to serve nearly one million GTHA customers

Enersource, Horizon Utilities, Brampton Hydro and PowerStream to become one company MISSIS (...)