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Welcome to AlectraNEWS, our social news network. Alectra Utilities website is

Welcome to the AlectraNEWS blog; it’s nice to meet you!

Alectra has a new story for the future based on our strong legacy from the past. From our roots as a family of progressive electric utilities, we’ve built Alectra to bring new energy to the challenge before us. We want to inspire the new people we meet, while helping those who know us feel right at home.

The Greek meaning of the name Alectra means brilliant. Our name also conveys energy, the energy of our people and the customers we serve. Our vision is to create a future where people benefit from energy’s full potential, by giving them smart and simple energy choices.

The future of energy is moving from powering systems to empowering people

The same forces that are transforming how we communicate, shop, govern, travel, learn and invest are changing the role of energy in our lives. It used to be we just took the power we were given. Now, with new technologies and a new emphasis on choice, we each can shape the energy in our homes, workplaces and communities.

We believe everyone needs an ally in this new world of choice. Our promise is to help you benefit from the best of the new energy with an emphasis on value, service and simplicity.

Discover the possibilities on the AlectraNEWS blog

The AlectraNEWS blog is an information hub of new and practical energy options for homes and businesses. Here you can read and share engaging and relevant stories about innovation, conservation, renewables, reliability, community, safety, and of course, Alectra and electricity industry news.

Let’s discover the possibilities together and take a journey to a bold future where people, businesses and communities will benefit from energy’s full potential.

We are Alectra; it’s nice to meet you!

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Author: Corporate Relations Team / Community, Conservation, Innovation, Main Post, Reliability, Renewables, Safety / August 1, 2017